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Saturday, May 15, 2021

business news report

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business news report
business news report
business news report

Shining, dryer in the forecast, 84, warm day, watching for potential next warm maker by the middle of next week.

Leah: nike ending lawsuit over lil naz satan shoes.

The shoes in collaboration with the rapper agreed to voluntarily recall the shoes.

Boeing announced it is suing the texas based supplier and gdc techniques.

Boeing says its over delays and finishing interior work on two modified planes and boeing received contract to build the two planes for use as air force one.

Were they expected to be delivered by december 2024.

> general motors says it is expanding production cuts at some of its factories here in north america.

The carmaker says its decision is shortage of semiconductor chips which is having impact on the automotive worldwide.

Gm says production cuts was already factored into the calculation but that the chip shortage could be up to $2 billion.

Where the sales would be production was shot.

So i think a lot of auto makers we can drastically reduce a lot of our supplies this year because we are not going to sell have many cars and, of course, the market proved them wrong and they need more semi conductors because more cars have been sold.

Cutbacks come as more americans are getting vaccines and ready to spend money and travel again.

> chipolte helping employees get?

For free and -- degrees for free and where to buy the first home.

Reporter: s&p closing at new all time high.

The second straight record for the index.

The dow and nasdaq also ending in the green.

Some troubling news on the jobs front though.

The number of americans filing for new jobless claims topping 740,000 last week, much higher than expected.

Meanwhile chipolte helping the workers get free degrees.

The mexican food chain announcing employees put in 120 days of service are eligible for the debt free program which offers nearly 100 different options on degrees at ten different universities.

Finally, just starting out and looking to buy your first home, you might want to consider bloomington, illinois.

That's because new report from taking into things like price, commute time and access to metro areas.

Leah: people pretty split when it comes to going back to office full time.

Many workers don't want to go back to the office, at least not entirely.

49% of people surveyed prefer hybrid schedule allowing them to split time between the office and the home.

Around quarter of respondents say they are


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