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Monday, June 21, 2021

Migratory Big Bird Day

Credit: KADN
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Migratory Big Bird Day
Migratory Big Bird Day
Migratory Big Bird Day

Right back.

3 3 something.

April is a great month to observe.

Migratory birds that are coming in chairs your binoculars your camera and just.

Hang out and look for birds that are flying in.

Emily's you know, it's ah, we're actually going on some private property that's never really been open to the public.

On dit does face, um, the gulf of mexico whether the migratory birds will be flying in.

There's lots planned.

There's ah walking trail that people can go on.

So you have the entire family.

Um you.

Know, you just park your car and do your thing.

And the website is cajun coast, calm.

Um and you can look for the big burning day.