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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week - part 2

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Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week - part 2
Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week - part 2

Mazama gears up for a 4A State Championship in the shortened season against Marist Catholic

Stay with us on f-n-b.

"welcome back to the friday night blitz on newswatch 12."

Josh welcome back to the blitz.

Culmination week wrapping up but this week saved the very best for very last.

Mazama will be playing marist catholic tomorrow for a state championship.

Cameron you are going to the game.

What are watching for here?

Cam we are watching for how mazama handles a teathat is much like itself.


Close games, those have been a rarity for mazama this season.

Cam this year, mazama's average margin of victory is 38 points.

But that is including a two point win over thurston.

Remove that, and the margin jumps to 47.

That is ridiculous.

But the vikings are going to play a team much like themselves.

Marist has athletes all over the field.

When it comes to winning close games, often it comes down to who hurts themselves the least.

"we have seen a lot of different teams that attack us in different ways.

We just have t do what we do.

That is the biggest thing.

We can't get frustrated like we did against thurston.

We got frustrated early on."

Cam 4a coming up with what i think is the best way that any conference could have done to honor a state champion.

I am sure it will definitely feel like a state championship game.

This one set to be played on a nuetral field, but is it all that nuetral?

Josh well it is being played about 30 miles from eugene which is where marist is from.

But we have to keep in mind that schools are doing their best with covid to schedule these games.

We will just have to see if mazama's speedy weapons on the outside can make up for the long travel.

Cam the fun starts at 4:30 tomorrow night.

I am going to go up to the game and bring you all of the post game coverage.

Whatever happens, you will be able to see a post-game recap including highlights and sound on newswatch 12 at 11 tomorrow night.

Don't forget that we will not have newswatch 12


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