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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week

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Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week
Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week

The final week of Friday Night Blitz brings the spring season to an end and we bid farewell to the seniors who sacrificed so much.

The seniors.

Its the friday night blitz.

Let's do it.

Josh for the final time during this crazy spring season.

We thank you for joining us for the friday night blitz.

I am josh shelton.

My parter cameron derby is over there.

Cameron bitterweet night here.

Cam the friday night blitz and roundball wrap is far and away the most fun that i have all year.

I will miss it.

But let's not be sappy.

We got 15 minutes to cover a lot of football.

We start in 6a.

Sheldon and north medford.

The black tornado held a 20 to 3 lead at half.

So the irish came out of the locker room blazing.

Brock thomas finds larson helikson.

That's a touchdown.

Sheldon trails by 10.

===== on the ensuing north medford drive..... nolan morris jukes out the sheldon defender.

And he's off the the races.... the black tornado was too much for sheldon.

48-16... quite the final night for north medford.

The grants pass cavemen were in north bend-- and domesticated the bulldogs.

42-13 the final score for grants pass.

They led 28 to 7 at half me and kept the pedal to the metal the rest of the way.

A nice way to end the season for the cavemen.

Cam senior night at crater high school.

Comets taking on canby at dutch meyer.

Golden hour for the students because there are some in there!

=== 2nd offensive play for crater.

Dawson douglas doing what he has done for his entire crater career.

Catching bombs.

=== josh and setting up crater touchdowns.

Cameron kramer in.

Hole big enough to drive a truck through.

Crater up 6-0 within two minutes.

=== the crater students had something to cheer about early.

=== later on, crater going for it on 4th.

Picked off by keenan brewer but he cant run because his knee was already down.

Tough break.

=== cam two minutes left in the half.

Crater up a touchdown.

Eaton going to get drilled as he throws but jaden fliegel climbs the ladder.

=== and you know what that means!

One more time for the friday night blitz.

It's made cam's catches.

Congrats jaden fliegel.

Crater was up two touchdowns at half.

Didnt give up the lead this time.

Crater wins on senior night.

Josh 5a-football wllammette hosting eagle point.

Wolverines came to play.

First play from scrimmage is a trick play.

Dan woodcock throws to griffen bushnell.

Bushnell shows off the cannon.

Perfect throw to connor bendale.

He takes it all the way into eagle territory.

Later in the game -- willamette in the redzone.

Woodcock fires a dart over the middle to cody prom.

Prom bobbles it for a second but hangs on.

Willamette wins 34 to 26.

Cam senior night for the pirates-- all of the seniors walking out together before the game as captains in their final game.

===== but it's douglas who would strike first.

Seth christian on the q-b keeper runs it across the goalline for the first points of the game.

Two point conversion is good-- 8-0 trojans.

===== next douglas possession-- hand off to leevi brown.

What can brown do for you?

How about delivering a cool 6 points.

Douglas leads 14-0 with two minutes left in the first.

===== josh second quarter-- douglas inside the red zone.

Brown working his way to the endzone... and loses his brain bucket.

Sets up douglas from the two yard line.... next play christian is in for the score.

===== third quarter-- trojans lead 34-0.

A little trickery but the pass is a wounded duck.

And jackson seldon makes them pay.

Picked off as the sophomore goes to the ground.

He's got it... but the visiting trojans lay siege on the pirates defense.

40-0 the final.

Cam alright we got klamath union hosting north valley.

Pelicans and knights.

=== scoreless ball game.

Jaydon twedell finds jalin jenkins with a b-e-a-utiful throw and catch.

Knights up 60.

=== josh sun goes down.

Pelicans turn up.

Second half.

Durta gives it off to pablo macias and he is around the corner and gone.

Kenny chesney would say "we'll be groovin when the sun goes down."

=== but silas dutra got kind of tired of watching other people run for touchdowns.

Here is he is going to channel his inner marcus mariota.

He hits the seem.

Uses that long stride.



The pelicans go on to win that one after an impressive second half.

38-14 the final.

Klamath union finishes 2-3.

Cam hidden valley playing sweet home for the last game of the season on thursday.

Sam vidlak in the house.

You know he is around to watch his brother lead the mustangs.

=== but he may be there for his former and future teammate jeremiah noga.

Still scoring touchdowns for the mustangs.

The man is about to be a beaver.

=== josh and then vidlak will send some love over to lawrence matusik.

Sick catch in the corner of the endzone.

=== it's going up on a thursday.

The mustangs running like the wind.

45-6 the final.

To the psuedo 3-a state title game.

Cascade christian vs.

Santiam christian.

Sam martin airs this one out.

He's lking for matt mcpheeters and he's got him.

Mcpheeters shucks a dender then speeds to the endzone.

Touchdown challengers.

===== late in the fourth quarter... santiam christian down by three.

Ely kennel... scrambling... last chanceffort.

The heave... is incomplete.

Challengers win it in a close one.

13-10 the


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