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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Second dose administered at mass vaccination clinic

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Second dose administered at mass vaccination clinic
Second dose administered at mass vaccination clinic
Second dose administered at mass vaccination clinic

Hundred more northwest missourians are now fully vaccinated against covid 19-19 booster shots in the state's second mass vaccination event held in st.


Thanks for joining us.

I'm alan van zandt today, the state coordinating another mass vaccination clinic -- this time for people getting their second doses of the vaccine.

While it was a big crowd there today, people we talked so said it was worth it to get protected.

<<ron johnson reportingit was three weeks that perhaps couldn't come fast enough for locals wrapping up their vaccination process friday.

We're excited to be here today to get our second shot, it's such a relief.

Missouri's mass vaccination event returned to the covid-19 community clinic for the second time giving those approximately 1100 people the chance to achieve full vaccination status, something everyone we spoke with said was a big goal.

It's exciting, it's really exciting i miss my really energizes you of the importance of going ahead and getting this donethey say after all the lockdowns and quarantines for the past year plus, being able to finally get vaccinated puts everyone further down that path back to normal life.

You get you first shot you get you your second shot and then a little bit more of pre covid life comes back into play for you.

Many sharing with us some of the simple things they're looking forward to taking part in soon maybe i can go get some take or maybe i can go to an outdoor event or something we're hoping maybe july 4th we'll get to get together there'll likely be more gratitude shown while doing these things, as painful reminders of the pandemic are still on the minds of somejust within my unit, five have died from it more people have got it.

They say for those of us still here, it's up to everyone to do their part to further control covid-19 and perhaps eventually neutralize the threatwe all have a responsibility to do what we can to keep our community safe.

...and this was the last of the state run vaccination clinics in st.

Joseph, but if you're still looking to get the vaccine operations are continuing here through mosaic life care, live at the east hills mall, ron johnson kq2 news.



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