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Monday, June 27, 2022

Security video of officer involved shooting in oneonta

Credit: WKTV
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Security video of officer involved shooting in oneonta
Security video of officer involved shooting in oneonta

Security video has surfaced online of the fatal officer-involved shooting in Oneonta, showing the 12 seconds between police arriving to the scene and the shooting of 23-year-old Tyler Green, as well as the aftermath.


I'm jason powles.

Newschannel two has obtained security footage.... that shows a new vantage point of the officer involved shooting in oneonta.

It happened last tuesday.

A warning --- you are about to see graphic video.

Newschannel 2's brent kearney is live in the studio with your top story.

Kristen, the video was recorded off of a security camera.

And the video has been verified by oneonta police "drop the knife" newly obtained security camera footage of the officer involved shooting shows it was just 12 seconds from when officers arrived on scene, to when oneonta police sgt ralph pajerski fired his weapon.

Nats of video (14 seconds) both the otsego county district attorney's office and oneonta's acting police chief says this video paints a clearer picture of what happened april 6th.

"it clearly tends to offer a cleaer picture of what happened as opposed to video that was made available that occured after it."

"anyone that sees this video can see how quickly it happened.

How quickly the officer had to make the decision.

And it was clear from the video that the individual was not shot until with knife in one hand until he reached out and grabbed the child's leg and started grabbing the child."

From the beginning, you can see tyler green and an unidentified woman with a child standing in the front lawn on river street.

Moments later when officer arrived, you can hear green yell.... nat: i'll kill her."

In the footage, you hear officers repeatadly yell to green who was holding a knife to drop it.

Nats "drop the knife" do it now drop the knife."

It's when green reached for the child, pajerski fired his weapon.

"nats" we did ask acting chief witzenburg on if the child seen in the video was green's.

We are also learning more about green, his obiturary says he was born in cooperstown, and served in army national guard.

And now this video as well as the officer's body camera footage are being analyzed by the state attorney general's office..

"i'm not going to comment on what my thoughts are on this as it is currently under investigation by the attorney general's office.

And i will refer any additional questions regarding the incident to the attorney general's office who is conducting that ongoing investigation."

I did hear from the state attorney general's office who said they cant comment on the investigation.

But did tell me these types of investigations normally take about a year, but every case is different.

Chief witzenburg says the two officers are back to work under administrative duty.

In the studio brent kearney newschannel 2 every year for the last 14

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