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Thursday, June 30, 2022

SE Fort Wayne residents getting access to COVID-19 vaccine, information

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SE Fort Wayne residents getting access to COVID-19 vaccine, information
SE Fort Wayne residents getting access to COVID-19 vaccine, information

Misinformation isn’t the only problem some people are facing when deciding to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some people can’t get to clinics because they’re too far away and some people struggle with language barriers, so providing help and information to underserved communities is critical.

Starting tomorrow, a covid-19 vacc ne clinic on fort wayne southeast side will open up.?

Through a program with the state, mcmillen park community center will be giving out 400 doses of the moderna vaccine.

This is every day from tomorrow through thursday.

Clinic hours are from 9am to 6pm each of the days and there are still appointments available.

Ahea of mcmillen park vaccination clinic opening tomorrow-- vaccine registration week has begun on fort south east side.

The goal -- to help those who need it sign up for the vaccine when they might not otherwise have the chance to.

Fox 55's caleb saylor is live outside the mcmillen center tonight and has more about the push to get people signed up.

As the covid-19 vaccine 3 production ramps up, more people are eligible to get it, actually most people in indiana.

However, some people in our community are either having a hard time signing up or don't feel comfortable getting the vaccine.

That's why dozens of groups have joined together to make sure everyone has access to the information they need.

Vaccine registration week has been going on since sunday, targeting people on fort wayn south east side, giving them the chance to sign up for the covid-19 vaccine.

Registration sites are popping up at different locations throughout the city, including at renissance pointe ymca, where daniel carpenter just happened to be working out.

A few minutes later, he was signing up for his ecently, a few weeks ago i actually had covid and right now i looking for as much inormation as i can, and also i looking to be as precautious as i can be with the virus.

Week campaign is as much about giving people access to the registration as it is giving people more information about the vaccine.

Healthvisions midwest is one of several groups helping with this effort.

Director sharon tubb important to make sure underserved populations in the summit city are as informed as possible abou thhereccine fear, there are people who don want to get the vaccin because of me hs that they heard of just information that they e gotten that makes a little hesitant, but we also know a lack of access.

Misinfor the only problem, get people can to ce too because they far away and some people struggle with language barriers, so providing interpreters at these signup locations is critical and the vaccination clinic at the mcmillen center tomorrow will help with that as well at least one hundred people have signed up through registration week so far, giving people like carpenter much needed information chose this route because i wanted to make sure that i not too afraid to take the vaccine, that i going through and doing all the stuff possible to make sure that this virus goes away.

And their encouraging people to sign up for the vaccine as soon as the feel comfortable.

Tubbs says there are still plenty of available time slots for getting your first shot at the mcmillen center tomorrow through thursday.

You can register at ourshot dot in dot gov 2-1-1 the state line, or at the vaccine registration week locations which are on w-f-f-t dot com.

Reporting live in fort wayne, caleb saylor.

Fox 55 news.

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