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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Oregon Health Authority halts use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

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Oregon Health Authority halts use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Oregon Health Authority halts use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The Oregon Health Authority is asking all of the state’s vaccine providers to immediately stop administering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

The derekand i'm alicia rubin.

Six people have developed a ásevere and árare type of blood clot, about two weeks after they received the single shot vaccine.

The c-d-c will convene a meeting of the advisory committee tomorrow morning, to figure out how to move forward.

In the mean time, they are recommending health care providers stop administering the vaccine, out of an abundance of caution.

The cdc and the fda says they are currently reviewing data for all six cases - all of which occurred in women between 18 and 48-years-old.

Symptoms started to show between six to 13 days after they received the johnson & johnson vaccine.

The c-d-c and f-d-a said covid-19 vaccination safety continues to be a top priority and they take all reports of adverse effects seriously.

Johnson and johnson released a statement this morning as well... saying in part quote: "the safety and well-being of the people who use our products is our number one priority...."

"at present, no clear causal relationship has been established betwen these rare events and the janssen covid-19 vaccine.

We continue to work closely with experts and regulators to recommendation from the fda and cdc-- walgreens put a pause on the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine.

Saying quote "we are immediately suspending the administration of the johnson and johnson vaccine at our stores and off-site clinics and are awaiting further guidance.

We are reaching out to patients with scheduled appointments and rescheduling vaccinations from other manufacturers... we will continue to work closely with the fda anlt of the johnson and johnson vaccine is impacting jackson county and how many of the residents may have received a dose.

Joining us now live is jackson county medical director dr. jim shames.

--approximately how many people in jackson county have been vaccinated with the johnson and johnson vaccine?

--will you be able to switc to pfizer or moderna for the mobile phase of the fema cvc?

--what role might jackson county public health play in following

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