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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Covid- 19

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Covid- 19
Covid- 19
COVID-19 for today

They'll encourage you to keep your face covered without fear of punishment... presiden ?


> the president says there's more than enough doses of frazier and moderna vaccine to inoculate every adult in america, even after johnson & johnson shot placed on the back burner after potential rare side effects.

Here is fox news correspondent kevin corke.

Reporter: temporary pause tuesday over concerns the shot may be linked to rare blood clots after reports of at least six women suffering clots one of them dying.

Decision generating mixed reactions.

Told me it was changed to moderna so i felt more comfortable.

Others are disappointed citing the shot's convenience factor.

Now i have to get the shot and come back next month whereas if it was johnson & johnson it would just be done today.

But for those who have already received it medical experts say typical side effects include soreness around the injection site and some mild flu-like symptoms. they warn to be on the lookout for serious side effects associated with blood clots and bruising on skin and pain and swelling on legs.

I had johnson & johnson vaccine and no side effects whatsoever.

They are urging people to stay calm claiming the absence of the shots won't impact the battle for herd immunity.

It will not impact our ability to fulfill our expectations and commitment to provide enough vaccine to fully vaccinate all of those to seek to get vaccinated.

Cdc expected to meet on wednesday to provide new guidelines for the johnson & johnson shot.

In washington i'm kevin corke, fox news.

Leah: johns hopkins university doctors reiterating how rare the clotting is that prompted the vaccine halt.

It is six cases out the of almost 7 million vaccinations and this would reassure people to get vaccinated.

I think it really shows how seriously cdc and fda take vaccine signals.

We have learned more about the cases as they are reviewed and more work has been done to find out if there are other cases out there and at the end of the day risk benefit balance will come out in favor of getting the vaccine.

Leah: the six days involve women from 18 to 48 years old.

Dr. kirk sell says more data is needed to see if other groups are affected.

U.s. surgeon general say they take safety but reiterated the point as well.

These complications we have seen may or may not be affected with the vaccine but they are rare, very rare.

People who are consistently active are at lower risk of severe covid-19.

That's according to the keyser permanenty journal.

Research found people that exercise 150 minutes per week went to the hospital less than when they got covid.

> now to a weather authority update on fox24 morning news sponsored by ars rescue rooter.

Emily: comfortable out there and temperatures 60?

Right now and the sun is shining.

Winds are calm, very dry air and dew points are low again which means dry air in the forecast and very comfortable the next few hours and heat not this afternoon.

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