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Friday, December 3, 2021

Reaction to the J&J vaccine pause

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Reaction to the J&J vaccine pause
Reaction to the J&J vaccine pause
Reaction to the J&J vaccine pause

The sudden pause of the johnson and johnson vaccine has created some fear in the vaccination process.

On social media.... some local residents say they are not phased by the c-d-c's announcent..

But others have decided to cancel or delay their scheduled vaccine appointments.

News 10's hannah follman is in our studio she has more on how local health officials are responding to these concerns.

Today i spoke with the vigo county health commissioner, dr. darren brucken.

He says concerns are understandable..

But it's important for the community to get vaccinated.

[take pkg outcue: from the illness" duration:1:08] the c-d-c announced that more than 120 million americans have at least the first dose of one of the covid-19 vaccines.

Due to tuesday's announcement of pausing the johnson and johnson vaccine.

Local health officials are concerned that more people will be hesitant about getting the vaccine "my biggest concern and public health in general is there is going to be a wavering of confidence in wavering of confidence in the vaccination process to be flat out honest that just cannot happen the way through this pandemic.

The way through this illness and the unbelievable affect is through vaccination" he says the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the costs.

Especially as local hospitalizations are on the rise again..

"both hospitals have an uptick in hospitalizations and most are showing up in intensive care units most of them are younger or those who are chosen not to get vaccinated " dr. brucken says the only way to defeat this virus is through vaccines.

"people are vaccinated they stop getting sick they stop going to the hospital and they stop dying from the illness" if you are interested in getting the covid--19 vaccine..

The pfizer and moderna vaccines are available.

Vigo county is now offering vaccinations for non-vigo county residents including residents of illinois.

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