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Friday, December 3, 2021

Continued support after family of 4 killed in crash

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Continued support after family of 4 killed in crash
Continued support after family of 4 killed in crash

The family of a young woman and her three kids killed in a car accident rects to the continued support they're receiving following the tragic loss.

Suport continues for a family suffering immeasurable loss this week, good evening and thanks for joining us.

I'm alan van zandt.the family of the young mother and three kids whose lives were cut short after a car crash spoke to us today about how the community's well wishes and kindness is helping them get through this painful time.

Kq2's ron johnson joining us in studio now with more on what they had to say today, ron?

Alan, it's been four days since 22 year old amy morse and her three kids all died in a car accident along pear st., and tomorrow the community will come together to say their final goodbyes.

<<ron johnson reporting as a memorial grows at the crash site where 22 year old amy morse and her three children lost their lives.

So too does the support for the family.

I kind of just take it in for a minute and i'm like wow, you know this community is strong.

Morse's sister cynthia davis says she's continued to receive thoughts and prayers from friends and strangers alike across town, and beyond.

Her fundraiser to help pay for the funeral expenses of all four crash victims also continues to last check davis says around $47,000 has been raised for the anybody knows four people that we've lost it is a little more costly to take care of the process so donations are always welcome, not pushed or forced.

We are definitely grateful for what we've gotten to thus far.

Davis also says she wants to give the community a final chance to say goodbye, a visitation and service open to the public is set for thursday starting at noon.

We would love to see the community come together and just be there for one another during this tragic loss.

Much like dealing with the tragic loss, davis says the overwhelming response from community members is at times too much to put into definitely shows how much people are there for one anotherit really is, it's aweshocking.

And the public is invited to attend a visitation and funeral service for morse and her three kids, it will be held at the grace evangelical church tomorrow starting at noon.

The family says donations are still being accepted through the rupp funeral home, we'll have more information on our website,

Live in the studio ron johnson kq2 news.

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