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Friday, December 3, 2021

Investigating J&J blood clots

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Investigating J&J blood clots
Investigating J&J blood clots
Investigating J&J blood clots

With that johnson and johnson vaccine.

As the cdc decided they need more time to make the final call on whether or not to recommend continuing its use - we're taking a look into the type of blood clot the vaccine is linked to.

Waay31s sierra phillips explains why comparing these blood clots to the blood clot risk from other medications is like comparing apples to oranges, sierra?

This week social media erupted with debate comparing blood clot rates from the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccinations-- now on pause-- with birth control pills --- still on the market.

The cdc says the johnson and johnson vaccine might have caused 6 cases of blood clots out of 7 million doses.

The fda says birth control pills can cause upwards of 9 cases out of 10,000 birth control pill takers.

But-- its more complicated than just the numbers.

Walensky- "there may be additional cases to report.

And the type of blood clot reported with the johnson and johnson vaccine is cvst-- different from birth control.

According to hopkins medicine, this one prevents blood from draining out of the brain.

And the cdc says it requires a unique treatment.

Walensky- "while we would typically treat blood clots with a medication called heparin, heparin and its derivatives should be avoided in the treatment of these clots while an investigation is ongoing."

If you start showing symptoms its important to go to your doctor like here at huntsville hospital.

The cdc is asking health care providers to report these cases to them.

Reporting live in huntsville sierra phillips

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