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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Goose egg addling to control population in Rochester

Credit: KIMT
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Goose egg addling to control population in Rochester
Goose egg addling to control population in Rochester

The Parks and Rec Department along with Canada Goose Management will go back out to the

About mayo clinic's latest we're continuing our coverage of the rochester parks and rec department trying to mitigate the goose population.

Kimt news 3'smadelyne watkins spoke with some people to learn why they're not happy with what's happening.

She joins us live to tell us why officials say egg addling is the safest way to handle the problem, and what's next for the geese.

Good morning, madelyne./// tyler.

Goose addling is the recommended way to control the goose population in the united states.

That's according to the humane society and peta.

But some people here in the med city think otherwise.

Take a listen.

"cascade lake was shut down twice last year due to raised levels of e?

"* coli."

That's when med city residents started to push for something to be done about the goose population.

So, the parks and rec department received a permit to conduct egg addling or oiling.

"the standard practice is to float all the eggs, see which ones have already got an air pocket ?

"**- which means they're an embryo."

And that's what volunteers did.

Eggs were tested to see if they'd sink or float.

If it sinks... "it's in the beginning stages of incubation which is as determined by the humane society, it's still at a humane point of incubation process to oil."

"if you do it before the first 14 days, the humane society states that there's no pain felt because the embryo is still in the earliest development."

But some people disagree.

"so you would rather see the geese be hunted rather than try to mitigate the eggs before they're hatched?


I mean, i don't believe in abortion and that was cruel what i just witnessed there."

Goose specialist, tom keefe, tells me he oils 600 goose eggs each year to help control the goose population.

"it's just an ongoing management to reduce the number of geese to a level that's socially acceptable."

And while it's causing an uproar with the public... he says egg addling is what's needed to get the job done.

Ahead of the goose addling that took place... the director of the parks and rec told me he was concerned for the safety of the volunteers because of some of the comments they received from the public.

But as i was walking with the volunteers... they said everyone remained peaceful and just wanted to voice their concern.

Live in rochester.

Madelyne watkins kimt news 3.

Thank you madelyne.

The parks and rec department along with "canada goose management" will go back out to the nests in a couple weeks

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