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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Vaccine Hesitancy Worsened by J&J Pause

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Vaccine Hesitancy Worsened by J&J Pause
Vaccine Hesitancy Worsened by J&J Pause

WAAY-31's Breken Terry speaks to medical professionals in light of the pause of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine.

One med plus location in florence had to cancel 70 johnson and johnson vaccine appointments after the vaccine was put on hold.

Waay 31's breken terry spoke to health professionals about the pause.

And they say this could cause people to not want to get vaccinated.

Look live: earlier this week helen keller hospital voiced it's concerns over vaccination hesitancy and now with johnson and johnson being on hold will people even want the vaccine if it becomes avalible.

Vo: med plus medical director kip george said he's waiting to let the cdc and others figure out whats going on with the johnson and johnson vaccine.

He said if it's a statistical anomoly and they get the greenlight they will give it out.

If not they will throw their doses away.

He said either way this makes people more scared to take any coronavirus vaccine.

Sot <i think there's a lot of hesitancy anyway with some of the reactions were having with some of the other vaccines.

I'm afraid it's going to slow the progression of getting people vaccinated.

Look live tag: george said moderna and pfizer haven't had any issues raised and he encourages people to take the vaccine because the benefits outweigh the risk.

In flo bt waay31.>

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