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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Unemployment in-person 4.15.21

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Unemployment in-person 4.15.21
Unemployment in-person 4.15.21


Veronica jean seltzer.

After more than a year...there's finally help on the way for those struggling with unemployment.

The state promises re-opening regional offices will make the process easier.

Abc 36's danielle saitta spoke with people in line and tells you how you can be next to get some financial help.... in tonight's top story at six.

#### sot: it's really stressful too people have bills to pay they've been calling" danielle:for months kentuckians in need of assistance have been listening to this sound phone nat..thank you for calling kentucky unemployment danielle: "but now service for many might be just a turn of a car key away" nat car start last week...governor andy beshear announced in person unemployment services will open after being closed for more than 3 years.

Starting this week..more than a dozen regional kentucky career centers from ashland to somerset...will be greeting folks with an appointment. mike moore.

Mike: "for my situation it's been pretty rough..i've been out of work since december and haven't been able to talk to anybody or get any kind of response" moore says... trying to get unemployment feels like a full-time job.

Danielle: how many times a day would you say you called unemployment"?

"several times a day sometimes all day long..just hang up hit redial hang up hit redial staying up until midnight just trying to catch somebody" moore says it's been even harder since his account was flagged for fraud.

"i did get a message that i was under investigation for some kind of fraud or my social security number was being used for fraudulent claims" according to the congressional research service..from 2007 to 2009..the great recession unemployment rate increased by 5 percent in december 2007 to 9.5 percent in june 2009 but take a look at the numbers from the current recession..back in february 2020..unemployment increased from 3.5 percent in february and peaked at 14.8 percent in april.

In december of fell to 6.7% but people like moore say they're hoping to see it drop and the next step starts at the "steps" of the regional kentuck career centers.

Mike: i hope it works out everybody else too i hope it works out for me" in lexington danielle saitta abc 36 ### employers were at lexington and at least two other centers today talking to potential workers and handing out job applications.

If you want in- person have to make an appointment.

To find out how...visit w-t-v-q dot com.

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