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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Oneonta Residents Protest Officer-Involved Shooting

Credit: WKTV
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Oneonta Residents Protest Officer-Involved Shooting
Oneonta Residents Protest Officer-Involved Shooting

A number of Oneonta residents protested downtown following the officer-involved shooting on April 6.

NewsChannel 2's James Corrigan reports.

People gathered in oneonta today to protest officer involved shooting that took place two weeks ago.

Newschannel 2's james corrigan was in oneonta today, and he tells us what the message of the protesters, and what the supporters of the police department are saying.

It was a video that shook a community to its core.

Oneonta police sgt.

Ralph pajerski shooting and killing twenty three year old tyler green after a domestic dispute involving a two year old child.

Amidst a tense national climate surrounding police reform, a number of protesters gathered in downtown oneonta today to voice their displeasure at the shooting and at the oneonta police department.

Eric hanss helped organize the protest and is a member of the anti-capitalist league of oneonta.

He says that while he doesn't condone green's actions, which involved stabbing a woman in the leg and threatening her, he believes sgt.

Pajerski took things too far.

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None "we understand that sometimes decisions need to be made to protect citizens.

But we believe that the escalation offe key point of contention for sgt.

Pakerski's backers is the safety of the child at the scene.

Green had caused the woman at the scene to drop the two year old moments prior, and appeared to lunge at the child as the fatal shot was fired.

Hanss acknowledges the heartbreaking circumstances, and says that more information is needed from the opd.

"if you saw my sign earlier so as to release the body cam footage.

And i think that what's best for the community right now is you know, lowering you know the curtain on the investigation."

The state attorney general's office is currently reviewing the body camera footage as part of its investigation.

Opd has referred all inquiries regarding the case to the office, which has yet to respond for comment.

But oneonta mayor gary herzig said in a recent radio interview that he believes sgt.

Pajerski acted with the life of the child in mind.

This comes at a contentious period for police relations following the killing of 13 year old adam toledo by chicago police and the death of 20 year old daunte wright at a traffic stop in minnesota after anofficr minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is standing trial for second degree murder in the death of george floyd.

Hanss says the protest today is part of a larger call to action.

"i don't believe that our past has to dictate what we do in the future.

And this past cycle of shootings and protests and inaction is unacceptable.

" the new oneonta police community advisory board put together a list of recommendations several weeks ago, which the city common council plans to implement no later than may 18.

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