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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Apple launches new iPad Pro, slim colorful iMacs

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Apple launches new iPad Pro, slim colorful iMacs
Apple launches new iPad Pro, slim colorful iMacs

Apple announced a line of slim iMac computers and iPads with higher-quality video that use its own processors, as it speeds its migration away from Intel and caters to a work-from-home world.

This report produced by Yahaira Jacquez.

Cook: "Hello and welcome back to Apple Park for our first event of 2021." Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday kicked off the company's virtual product launch event by introducing a new purple shade for its iPhone 12 lineup, a new line of slim iMac computers and new iPads that use its own processors.

Both the new iMacs and iPads come with higher-quality video catering to a work-from-home world.

It comes after the company received complaints from consumers that the computer's cameras had not kept pace with the company's iPhones and iPads during an era of pervasive video calls.

The company also announced podcast subscription services that will compete with rival Spotify and an updated Apple TV set top box with better color output and a faster processor chip.

Also Tuesday, Apple unveiled AirTags, a small $29 tracking device to help locate lost keys, phones or luggage.

The AirTag announcement could result in a new round of complaints to lawmakers that Apple is hurting smaller rivals.

Tile, a private company that has sold a competing tracker for nearly a decade, last year testified before the U.S. House of Representatives that Apple's App Store rules had made it harder to use Tile's products.

Tile will be called before the U.S. Senate to testify on Wednesday.


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