Ways New Dog Owners Can Prevent Biting
Ways New Dog Owners Can Prevent Biting

Ways New Dog Owners Can Prevent Biting .

Dog bites increased nearly threefold after the initial pandemic stay-at-home orders were implemented in the U.S. For children bitten by dogs, the experience may leave mental scars in the form of PTSD or lasting emotional issues.

Pediatric ER doctors have said that the stories leading to dog bites gave them the impression “that dogs are victims in this as well.”.

Most dogs don’t bite to attack, they bite because they’re scared or provoked, Brooke Goff, Goff Law Group, via 'The New York Times'.

Health experts say that to prevent dog bites, "the number one strategy remains supervision.”.

It's important to teach children to stay away from a new dog while it is eating.

Nursing puppies... ... and sleeping with its favorite toy.

Dogs who act aggressively should receive expert help from veterinarians or canine behavioral professionals.

Any dog can bite, any breed can bite, and that can be horrific, Dr. Judy Schaechter, University of Miami, via 'The New York Times'.

Personal injury lawyers also stress the importance of liability insurance for all dog owners