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Monday, May 10, 2021

Ask a Therapist: Counseling with Natalie

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Ask a Therapist: Counseling with Natalie
Ask a Therapist: Counseling with Natalie
Ask A Therapist: Counseling with Natalie

Segments and our new francright here on the blend beCertainly in the middle ofalso, we've always known hmental health is and how ican be for, more than ever, I thiimportance of that even moa new segment ask the therthis morning is Natalie Riand what a treat Natalie.more we can talk about thiyou before we got started,kind of release the stigmaask for help and kind of hthe emotions of you know,Thank you so much for haviCarly.

So the other day Ia text message from a cliepermission to share this mshe was in the middle of tand she said Natalie, I reI can't take this anymore.way out.

And in that momenalone.

I hear it in counseof the time.

And you and Iis really reshaped all ofIt's, you know, forces towith some and then furtherOn the one hand, Covid isaway or in person interactinteractions that really pof relief, you know, likefriends or congregating wia table for lunch.

It's juus from our usual supporton the other hand, I noticadditional pressure for sowith people that they livecounseling world, we callthe never ending togethernboredom and constant togettwo of the biggest challenwith others have really hait's interesting you bringbecause I think whether ithas changed.

So work relatfamily relationships havemessage this morning on herelationships back on a hethat everyone is not goingpage all the time and thatfor you to get back on a hSo I have had this exact csince Covid since the pandI tell all of my clients ris a key to any healthy rewhen we're struggling withthey're working ones or frrelationships, we sometimein this gridlock where wewith communicating our neeactually deepening our conpeople that matter most tojust really excited to talacronym that I've come uphoping will help people restrengthen their relationsin the connections with thI'm all ears.

What is Allis actually group.

I was rto remember the five simplstands for go and by that.go more often.

So I don'tthis car late.

You know wheven in your personal relawe enter into a discussionthat have happened in thehappened like three months10 years ago.

And so my subeen sick to the specificassess the need of that spSo keep the end goal in thin mind.

So that's the thrare stands for relationshimean the needs of the relaare so many needs as humanfrom our personal relationneeds include, um, let's sa sense of security, feeliour relationships and evenvery encouraged to grow pemy suggestion is for everyof take a step back, lookaround them and really figthe needs of the relationsand then how can I make thright, let's go to the othhere we go.

The third lettfor, it's okay to start ovsometimes we have whetheror partners and we think ieven repairable, but I oncI absolutely love and it'sme and I've even shared itand times and sessions.

Itstart over, it's a chancebetter.

So hopefully thattoday.

Uh the U.

Stands foby that, I mean, understanstyles between you and youyour partner or your frienunderstanding the communicthe similarities and the dstyles.

And then the fifthby p I mean, just being morelationships, you know, jtime aside and dedicatingYes, absolutely, absoluteland all distractions asideit's all about showing updown a little bit and justthe need to push their ownnoticed over the years thapractice those five simplebuild healthier and happieand I again, I'm just so hto be a part of our show wabout this regularly, becasteps may seem easy, I thineed some time to really khabit and get those kind obrains.

Uh so if anyone hainvite you to head over towhere you can ask it, therNatalie, you've been honesa lot of these, it's the skeep coming up, so I'm somaybe have a little biggerget the message out.

But Nnice to have you on our sh