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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lanky Lassie Shortbread | Morning Blend

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Lanky Lassie Shortbread | Morning Blend
Lanky Lassie Shortbread | Morning Blend
Lanky Lassie Shortbread

You a very sweet, keepingan update as well becauseowner about a year ago, prsame time, right when theand it had her like a lotshifting around their focuwant to do.

Well now we hato tell you mary Katharineus to tell us about lankyand you now have a store tweekend, mary Katharine, cyou very much.

It's kind obelieve this is my life.

Yrewind back a little bit ayou on the on the show abowere, it was like interiorYeah.

So I would sell inteall the furniture for newor renovated and pandemicyour job but you decided thad been creating on the syou said?

I'm gonna put althis.

Yeah, So it was justhobby, a family recipe ofshortbread and I decided tLast April I've shipped anof shortbread.

So um sinceI thought, well I think Ia shock.

So here I am, wethis Friday with ribbon cu9:15.

We're gonna have a bwine pairing.

So it'll bedade city florida.

If peopabout your shortbread.

Becit's not a brownie.

I meanall of its own, explain whdo with the different typeyou're making.

Yeah, so trit as the plane, flour, bupeople had different thingmaking made to orders wherfrom over 44 different filcustom make their own perswe have what we call a lasevery month, which is a semonth is cherry almonds another like savories with rHimalayan salt.

It was jusand um people aren't usedit's, mine is really thicksoft center and most peoplto Scotland have no idea wget really excited about irecipe I believe has won ato bring up your also a miI know love you know peoplthat as well.

So I just feso talented on all levelsthank you.

I guess I am ain fact have a little piecI used to be a truck driveSo we're bringing in somethopefully will be installewill add a little flair ofto it.

We also give militawe are all about supportinother local teachers and uare also getting discountswell and I totally forgotdesigner.

So no wonder whyis just looking fabulous.for interiors.

Like all myso have helped me immenselappreciate it though and wtheir invite everybody outjust think it's so cool.

Yribbon cutting starts at 9and saturday.

We'll have osorts of events, cookie defor the kids wine town.

They're gonna umstout.

Um We're running aBoys and Girls Club of Laof the Lemon Look.

UCI andgetting involved in the cocongratulations.

I know ityear, you've made the mostforward to seeing how this