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Monday, November 29, 2021

Scottish nationalists win majority in parliament

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Scottish nationalists win majority in parliament
Scottish nationalists win majority in parliament

Pro-independence parties won a majority in Scotland's parliament on Saturday, paving the way to a high-stakes political, legal and constitutional battle with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the future of the United Kingdom.

Jayson Albano reports.

Scotland's pro-independence parties won a majority in parliament on Saturday, in an election that could shape the future of the United Kingdom.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she would push ahead with plans for a second independence referendum.

Her Scottish National Party has just won a fourth term in office.

"In no way can a referendum be described as just a demand of me or of the SNP.

It is the will of the country." Scotland's fight for independence will likely be a bitter clash between its government in Edinburgh and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While Scottish nationalists argue they have democratic authority on their side, Britain's government says it is unlawful.

Johnson has repeatedly made clear he would refuse any more referendums after the one in 2014, in which a Scottish majority voted to stay with the United Kingdom.

Scotland's population has remained divided on holding another poll.

Though, the independence movement has been bolstered by sentiments against Brexit and Johnson's Conservative government in London, as well as a general approval of Sturgeon's handling of the global health crisis.

The final decision will likely be settled in courts.

Sturgeon and the SNP have indicated however, that another referendum is unlikely until 2023.

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