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Friday, September 17, 2021

Golden Globes backlash making an impact in Hollywood

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Golden Globes backlash making an impact in Hollywood
Golden Globes backlash making an impact in Hollywood

The backlash over the lack of diversity within the group which hands out the Golden Globes is seen having a wider impact in Hollywood, after NBC dropped its broadcast of the annual ceremony and actor Tom Cruise returned his awards.

Emma Jehle has more.

The backlash over the Golden Globes is growing in Hollywood.

NBC announced this week that it has dropped its broadcast of the awards show organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association… And actor Tom Cruise returned the three Golden Globe statuettes he’s won over his career, joining a revolt led by streaming platforms and studios against the HFPA.

Scott Roxborough of The Hollywood Reporter… "What Tom Cruise has done now and we've seen other actors and actresses speak out, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo have also directly criticized the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Golden Globes.

I think this is really building into a really, going to have a real snowball effect." The organization has been under scrutiny following an investigation by the Los Angeles Times published in February that showed that out of its 87 journalists, it had no Black members.

Netflix, Amazon Studios, WarnerMedia and dozens of Hollywood’s top publicity companies have made a public statement saying they would no longer work with the HFPA unless it made far-reaching changes.

HFPA members have also been accused of making sexist and racist remarks and soliciting favors from celebrities and studios.

ROXBOROUGH: I think we're seeing that it's going far beyond just demonstrations and protests and complaints or Twitter feeds, it's come, we're seeing real action happening.

The issue with #Oscarssowhite did lead to real changes at the Academy that gives out the, the Oscars.

These, the scandal around the Globes will cause major change at the Globes.

I'm not even sure the Globes as an association, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in its current structure, will survive this scandal." NBC’s decision to drop the Globes came even after the HFPA agreed to recruit more Black members.

In a statement, the HFPA reiterated its planned reforms and gave a detailed timetable.

It said that by August, it would hire a new chief executive, add 20 new members, approve a new code of conduct and provide diversity and sexual harassment training among other steps.

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