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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin run for Gov: Interview with BSU political science professor Jacklyn Kettler

Credit: Idaho On Your Side
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Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin run for Gov: Interview with BSU political science professor Jacklyn Kettler
Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin run for Gov: Interview with BSU political science professor Jacklyn Kettler

In the United States, there have been only two Lieutenant Governors challenging the incumbent Governor in the past ten years.

Idaho News 6 spoke with Boise State University political science professor Jacklyn Kettler about why.

Let's start off with youris an incredibly rare circgovernor going against a gsame party?

Yeah, it's verinstances of lieutenant gothey've been in differentis something that we definoften.

Usually the incumbewould wait until the goveron and it's an open seat.a unique situation.

Um whatoday and in the announcemreally trying to, you knowwith littles, uh particularesponse as governor and ryou know, differences, difof things like, you know,essential worker.

And so rof the pandemic responsesyou know, kind of being soindividual rights, some ofas well.

But I think thatpandemic response, we're gof, you know, messaging, ttrying to distance or contlooks now compared to whengovernor in terms of a canshell shocked last time?

Aany difference?

Well, it'sright?

We've we've just seSo I think, you know, it'lwatch as the campaign contYou know, what kind of stya candidate, what type of,campaign organization lookexpect a lot of focus on,with the governor and andalso potentially a lot ofthe social justice issuesfocused a lot on during thand of course some of thosrace theory and things becthe legislative session.

Sarea of issues.

Sure, thatDo you think that that isthe pandemic stuff?

Becauspandemic is starting to wathink that's a great questprobably a little early tolike, you know, she's kindkind of areas of issues.

II I think you're right asto, you know, hopefully welittle bit more.

Maybe thoa little less salient, butstill a lot of people upsewith the past year.

So I Istill um an audience and aresponse you expect from the's already planning.

I ttwin here very soon, sortfootsteps.

Well, it's kindprimary challengers to begovernor.

So I think it wibe really interesting to wmessaging he uses um the ion, he focused on educatiothat going to continue toor as some of the other kismall government prioritiereally interesting to seewhat his campaign kind offorward.

Mcginn's sort ofEd Humphrey, I think to seon people, new people comifrom out of state becauseas sort of here in Idaho lsomething like that.

Um, Ibecause how big of a populthat?

Well, I think that,I think people are, there'concerned about growth inthat means for how, you knour lifestyle, but also julife.

And so I think thereprobably some anger or conto watch.

Yeah, it just, iin some of the literaturefocused on people who havethe state because they'reconservative values, thosethat they don't see, say ioh gosh, it's just red tapand to address really thosopposed to longtime idahoayou anything?

Well, it isAnd I think that there is,a lot of focus on kind ofkeeping it, you know, concconservative values and prreally emphasized his Idahum, yeah, I think, you knoa fine line there on on whwhat do you see in this rathe primary, and there's gof candidates already thatHow do you see the shakingknow that there's, you knodivision ideological divisknow, whether you want tooften happens when you havparty.

And so it'll be, yokind of watching to see hoyou know, if those factioncome out to matter a lot,on.

Not a lot of time to dis there?

Yeah, well, andcountry there will also bethese primary elections anum he will be and focus onwill be another thing to kMcGeehan going for an endoformer President.

I mean,I think both her and littl