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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

WMAR-2 News Weather Update

Credit: ABC 2 News WMAR
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WMAR-2 News Weather Update
WMAR-2 News Weather Update
WMAR-2 News Weather Update

The forecast area within a zoneof warm/moist advection.

Theseshowers should lift off to ournorth and east by arounddaybreak, leaving us with adry start to the day.

Residuallow clouds will take a fewhours to lift this morning,but we will eventuallyexperience decent daytimeheating, with temperaturesclimbing up into the low-mid80s by early- mid afternoon.When combined with dewpointsin the low- mid 60s, this willresult in around 1000-1500J/kg of MLCAPE by peakheating.

Showers andthunderstorms are expected todevelop between noon and 2 PMalong the I-81 corridor andprogress off toward the eastthrough the remainder of theafternoon into this evening,with the I-95 corridor seeingthe best chance for stormsbetween roughly 4 and 8 PM.Given the instability in placeand around 30-40 knots of 0-6km shear present, any of thesestorms may be capable ofproducing damaging winds.Localized instances offlooding may also be possibleto the east of the Blue Ridge,given anomalously highprecipitable water values(around 1.5-1.8 inches), andrelatively unidirectional flowin the cloud bearing layer.Storms should press off to oursouth and east this evening,giving way to drier conditionsovernight.

The best chance forany lingering showers andstorms overnight will beacross southern Maryland.

Lowclouds are expected to developagain overnight, and lows willbe in the 60s for most.ThursdayShowers likely andpossibly a thunderstorm before8am, then a slight chance ofshowers between 8am and 2pm,then showers likely andpossibly a thunderstorm after2pm.

Patchy fog before 7am.Otherwise, cloudy, with a highnear 83.

South wind 6 to 15mph, with gusts as high as 21mph.

Chance of precipitationis 70%.

New rainfall amountsbetween a quarter and half ofan inch possible.

ThursdayNightShowers likely andpossibly a thunderstorm before2am, then a chance of showersand thunderstorms after 2am.Cloudy, with a low around 67.Southwest wind 7 to 9 mph.Chance of precipitation is70%.

New rainfall amountsbetween a tenth and quarter ofan inch, except higher amountspossible in thunderstorms.FridayA chance of showers andthunderstorms before 8am, thena chance of showers between8am and 2pm, then a chance ofshowers and thunderstormsafter 2pm.

Mostly cloudy, witha high near 83.

West wind 6 to9 mph.

Chance of precipitationis 40%.

Friday NightPartlycloudy, with a low around 64.Light southwest wind.SaturdaySunny, with a highnear 88.

Saturday NightMostlyclear, with a low around 68.SundaySunny, with a high near91.

Sunday NightMostly clear,with a low around 70.MondaySunny, with a high near91.

Monday NightPartly cloudy,with a low around 70.TuesdayMostly sunny, with ahigh near 91.

TuesdayNightPartly cloudy, with a lowaround 70.

WednesdayMostlysunny, with a high near 90.CRASH REPORTED NB I-97 ATBRIGHTVIEW DRIVE.