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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Laurel home market as hot as rest of state

Credit: KTVQ - Billings Scripps
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Laurel home market as hot as rest of state
Laurel home market as hot as rest of state
Laurel home market as hot as rest of state

If you think picking up anwill help you escape thismarket, think again, in thestablished community, youtop dollar.

That is if youwas when I came here was mcommunity blue collar workthing.

But today laurel resays, laurel has become apeople pour in from acrossentire country got peopleThey don't want to fight bthey want to be closer toyears in real estate, Kleiseen this small town MontaThere's 1234 that are in tpops up to 440,000 Withinlistings get snatched up.ago, at any given time, aptoday.

That number has fliprobably from 150 up to 30much at all when you havethey don't have any choiceare all taken up.

They'redefinitely feel robbed ofto do in my next step andyou want to live in the toYes, 100%.


I've alwathe right steps.

She graduhigh school, holds down aClinic and will soon gradutech.

Her next move to buyacres.

That would always blike that's just not possisays, after multiple rejecher search across the Yellof her wants to just stopshe looks out the window tpotential buyers literallycome in with all cash or t35,000 extra over the askiAnd I still can't even toumarket when you're buyingwe don't know how it's goihave no crystal ball.

Thisdecades of experience sayseducated.

Look at comparissold, Make an informed offa bidding war, you don't eEven if you don't win thebest thing for you wait uncomes along and it's toughyou need housing.

Local reknow where the Montana smaheaded, but this young futshe's not giving up hope,a couple goats and maybe a