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Monday, October 18, 2021

Attorney General Bonta Releases Full Guidance Package on AB 1506 Implementation

Credit: 23ABC News | Bakersfield
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Attorney General Bonta Releases Full Guidance Package on AB 1506 Implementation
Attorney General Bonta Releases Full Guidance Package on AB 1506 Implementation

According to a statement released by California Attorney General Rob Bonta's office, effective July 1, 2021, the California Department of Justice will investigate and review for potential criminal liability all such incidents covered under the new law using a newly established California Police Shooting Investigation Teams (CaPSIT).

Let me begin by quickly thand prepare for the implemnew law.

Assembly Bill 15Assembly member who is a cIt's been a humbling experdedication of our teams hemake this happen in time fdate, july 1st under 80 15Department of Justice forrequired by law to investiof an officer involved shoin the death of an unarmedstate.

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This is about standour communities and ensuriahead for public safety anbuilding and maintaining tfair investigations and inof officer involved.

Shootcomponent for achieving thThis effort is personal fofamilies and communities fafter these incidents, I wof trust that these investtreated fairly by our crimThese critical incidents abe easy, but the new toolsare announcing today are amore transparency and moreI promise you this, The Caof Justice will follow theensure every California isunder the law, Here's howto help get closer to achiunder a B 1506 and in lineset aside in the budget fireleasing all of our guidefor the implementation ofWe want to be clear as clewhat our new role is for oto strengthen public trustof this process, We're rel1st, A Law Enforcement Buland notification requiremeLaw Divisions, A B 15 oh sthe full investigation profor outreach and servicesmembers and five our commufor incidents That qualifydocuments are meant to serthey will be regularly revwith best practices and onexperiences Based on histothat there will be approxiinvolvement of the CaliforJustice.

Second, in orderwere formally launching toshooting investigation teainitially be staffed by 27based in both northern andand overseeing by six otheThey will be supported bywith numerous other personDepartment of Justice, incforensic experts, programThese teams will be our fiwhen a critical incident ounder the parameters estaboh six.

Members of these tin coordination with localthroughout the investigatiindependent special agentthese critical incidents.investigation has been comwill then be turned over wsection within the Criminareview and the administratwill remain the sole respoemploying law enforcementare separate and distinctsix investigation.

In addiwill maintain responsibiliof collateral offenses thainvolved shooting.

In othesuspected crime was committypes of matters will genelocal level as needed.

Ouradditional follow up invesofficer involved shootingincidents.

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