MINI Sensory Design
MINI Sensory Design

The iconic sound of silence ”is a trip organized by MINI to celebrate the world of sound and to approach the world of sustainable mobility from a different point of view.

Headquarters of the initiative, the company Caimi of Nova Milanese, one of the main European design-oriented production companies, which offers the opportunity to live highly technological sensory experiences thanks to Open Lab, a complex of laboratories aimed at research in the acoustic field, where 'it is possible to visit the anechoic and reverberant chambers.

In this scenario, sound is a key element, as well as for electric mobility.

Sound is one of the means of expression of a car and that allows us to recognize it.

MINI is a trend setter in this too.

She was able to combine the sensory interaction of various design elements, such as the style, sound or scent of a vehicle, in a coherent way.