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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Today's Forecast: Cooler & less humid with sunshine

Credit: FOX 47 News Michigan
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Today's Forecast: Cooler & less humid with sunshine
Today's Forecast: Cooler & less humid with sunshine

A moisture-starved cold front passed through mid-Michigan last night bringing cooler and less humid air to our region, making it a very comfortable mid-summer day for your Wednesday!

Expect sunshine with a little less wildfire smoke as temperatures stay in the 70s.

Alright, mid michigan on ttake a look at your weathewe have some good news forand even less wildfire smoin the atmosphere, so willof sunshine and warmer, coand sadly it's only gonnabut we will take This oneconditions so make sure yoof it and get outside todastorm chances, they startget later and later into tkeep them around for a bitthen warmer temperatures fweekend and into next weekThis is now a little bit bshould be about 83° for atime of year.

So we'll defbreak today, partly cloudyfor your thursday 80 degreWe'll start to see showeron friday and then they casaturday as well.

I thinkbe focused in the afternooand storms will be on satuconditions on sunday.

Chec89 degrees.

That's where wthe end of the weekend andinto the mid and upper eigsunny skies for them nextSo in the meantime make to

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