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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Akron weather

Credit: WEWS NewsChannel5
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Akron weather
Akron weather
Akron weather from News 5

This power of five.

Weatheby Akron Children's Hospitdreary to start off your Wgonna see more sunshine asthe day.

Notice the radaron just some really lightfollowing a cold front thaour south and high pressurback in as it does.

So it'weather pretty nice for thtomorrow.

Even part of frinice.

Only an isolated shoby then, temperatures signFollowing that cold frontmiddle seventies.

For highbe less humid as well.

Sunnine p.m.

Notice here thatstart to return by fridaywas one of the better oppoand storms on sunday.

Theof these showers and stormbit up in the air.

It's gothat we're monitoring andyou up to date as we moveof this work week scattereis basically what I have fthis point.

And for your fwe do have a few showers othis is very light and we'of clouds.

Patchy fog is pwith a hazy sky Tomorrow acontrol, we will have that

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