US man claims he found half a DEAD RAT inside a can of peanuts
US man claims he found half a DEAD RAT inside a can of peanuts

A man who claims he found half a RAT CARCASS inside a can of boiled peanuts says he is so disturbed by the incident that he vomited in his sleep, and will never eat canned foods again.

In June 2020 John Rogers, 52, of Supply, North Carolina packed a can of 'Peanut Patch: Original Boiled Peanuts' to eat with his lunch at work.

As he was eating the nuts he spotted a dark shape near the bottom of the can.

"As I kept eating and getting closer to the bottom of the can, I began to smell and taste something different," said John, a small business owner and USMC Veteran."The odor had a raw flesh smell that reminded me of the innards of a deer when it is being field dressed.

"This smell got stronger as I got closer to the bottom of the can, so I picked up the can and started looking inside." John assumed there was a bad peanut in the can and began shaking it to find its location.

"I reached for it and saw it was not a rotten peanut.

I saw that it had eyes and teeth.

I quickly realized it was as a rat.

"I did not know what to do.

I felt very nauseous and shocked…I told some coworkers who were also completely grossed out." After work John called McCall Farms, the company that makes the peanuts, to complain.

He said: "I explained what happened and she read me a script of how the peanuts/ contents of the can were fully cooked and that eating whatever was in there was not harmful.

"She then gave me an email address to send the photos of the can and its contents." After sending his stomach churning photographs to McCall Farms for evaluation John claims he received a phone call from a rep.

Who only offered him a paltry $50 gift card and a replacement can of peanuts as compensation.

He said: "I was very set back and insulted with such a slap in the face, I declined the offer." The day after the incident John attempted to eat some canned beans with his family during a vacation to Myrtle Beach, which left him feeling utterly nauseated.

He said: "I did not finish eating the beans.That evening I went to bed shortly after dinner.

"While sleeping I had a flashback of eating peanuts and beans.

"Next thing I knew, I was waking up gasping for air.

I had a burning sensation in my lungs and chest.

All I could taste was vomit in my mouth.

I panicked, it lasted so long, my girlfriend called the ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack.

"I was gasping for air, trying to regain my breath.

I become very scared because I had never experienced anything like that before.

"This was happening for approximately 25 minutes before the EMS personnel came to check me out.

"They believed I aspirated on my vomit while I was asleep.

"My children were very scared because my face was bright red and I was struggling to breathe, thinking I was going to die or something."I don't want people to think I was drinking alcohol, I don't drink at all." After the EMS arrived John calmed down and refused to be taken to the hospital.

Although he has made a full physical recovery after the incident he claims that he is still traumatized a year later and has sought therapy to help him enjoy food again.

"I am having flashbacks of that can and that rotten rat daily," he said.

"I will not eat anything from cans anymore.

"It was so disgusting.

I know this is a mental scar and struggle that I am going to suffer for the rest of my life." McCall Farms did not respond to requests for comment.