Woman finds 'dramatic' surprise in apartment after trip
Woman finds 'dramatic' surprise in apartment after trip

A woman returned home to Norway after asix-month trip to find some uninvited guests.TikToker @lisbonsister6 tearfully recordeda video the moment she got back."I don't mean to be dramatic here.

I'm OK.

But I gethome from my flight and I open my bedroom door —three pigeons have been living in my room”."Oh my god.

Everything is covered in s***.This is disgusting.

Oh my god.

What the f***?Oh my god.

It's literally a nightmare.

Ew”.The video racked up over 366,000 views andsparked the sympathies of many TikTokers."It's an attempted coup," one user joked.

"Gottathrow the whole room away," someone added.After the obligatory panic, @lisbonsister6called her friend up and they reached out toanimal control, she explained in a follow-up.The pigeons luckily left on their own, butanimal control warned that the excrementscould have parasites and be a hazard.She and her friend wore masks and gloves and usedbleach to clean everything up.

They also enlistedprofessional help for a more thorough clean-up