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Monday, October 25, 2021

Old Northeast Jewelers | Morning Blend

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Old Northeast Jewelers | Morning Blend
Old Northeast Jewelers | Morning Blend
Old Northeast Jewelers

To Jeffrey Hess from Old NAnd we're gonna learn aboufor the for this segment oAnd we're gonna learn abouMhm.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey HessJewelers on Fourth StreetHyde Park Village.

And todabout collectible favorite themes.

Today.are some exprelor watches$1,000 or $1,500.

But anytexplorer on it is worth moan explorer called this 16if you have one where thethe dial is uh you know, bor doesn't have boxing pappay you anywhere near thisby its Orange hand.

And byorange hand has been replaRolex service dial, it losone has the original dial,hand, the original lollipocase, the original box, thand more importantly, it hfrom Booker, one of the biRolexes in Switzerland.

Itthe reference number and ton the papers.

Now, theseand you've got this watchit in, we'll pay y bouig mRolexes.

We just bought ato stay in the stealing thpay the money.

In fact, welargest buyers of Rolexes.stuff.

Yes, we wro thete byou don't believe it, googPS and Rolex and you'll fiindeed one of the nation'sand leading buyers of Rolefrom anybody in Tampa Bay

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