Dad watches in horror as thief jumps into his Mercedes with his THREE CHILDREN and drives off
Dad watches in horror as thief jumps into his Mercedes with his THREE CHILDREN and drives off

A dad has spoken of the moment he watched in horror as a thief jumped into his Mercedes and sped away - with his three small children still sat in the back.

Zahid Nazir, 37, had just returned home from a wedding last week when he exited the car "for seconds" to speak to his wife, leaving their little ones inside.

Shocking CCTV footage then shows a man skulking around a corner and entering the driver's seat before putting his foot down and speeding away.

Nazir, from Bolton, Gtr Mancs., can be seen clocking what happened and sprinting off down the road after his kids before losing his balance and tumbling to the ground.

His sheer panic was due to the fact the car contained his children, Khadlijah, eight, Muhammad Ahad, seven and ten-month-old Ayesha in the back.

Nazir got into his wife's car and although he wasn't able to find his kids, he drove past a police officer and hailed him over to help with the search.

After entering the cop car he realised his wife's phone was still in the stolen car so he could use the 'Find My iPhone' app to locate the device and ultimately his kids.

Around 20 minutes later, Nazir heard on the officer's radio another copper saying the children had been found unhurt along with the dumped car.

Nazir says they were physically okay and "fine" on the night, July 27, but that since then they have struggled to sleep in the house due to fear of intruders.

He added: "I couldn't believe it when I turned around and saw the car driving away, I was in total shock.

"I barely had time to think when I just ran off after the car, I knew I had to try and stop whoever was taking my children away.

"After that, I felt very panicked and worried about what had happened, I didn't understand what was going on.

"Eventually I was reunited with them, which was a really emotional moment.

I was so happy they were okay." Nazir explained the incident happened at around 2.45am after the family had returned home from a family wedding.

He said that he parked on the road outside their house and briefly exited the car to speak to his wife, arriving in another vehicle, when his children were taken.

Nazir and a number of officers searched for around 20 minutes before Khadlijah, Muhammad Ahad and baby Ayesha were found on a quiet country road.

He believes the thief was unaware of the kids when he entered the vehicle and that is why it was abandoned.

He added: "When I saw my kids I just started crying.

I didn't even run to them to begin with, I just cried.

"I felt so happy and relieved that they were with me again and had not been hurt." Nazir, who lives with his three kids and wife Sabahat, said the family are scared to remain in the same house in the wake of what happened.

He added: "We spent a few night's at someone else's house because it was too scary to stay here.

"I've even thought about selling the house and the car to try and keep everyone safe, it's a horrible situation to be in." Despite his fear, Nazir does not believe the thief knew the children were inside the car when he stole it and that that's why the car was abandoned.

Despite the incident being captured on CCTV, Greater Manchester Police have not made any arrests but they say enquiries are ongoing.

Nazir, who runs a takeaway, says officers described the theft as "opportunistic", but that he believes otherwise.

He said: "You can see in the video that the person who did this was very sneaky.

I think the whole thing was planned.

"That's the time I get home from work every night and I think they knew that, even though on that night I had been at a wedding." A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: "On July 27 police were called to a report of an attempted car theft.

"Enquiries have established a man entered and drove off with the vehicle after it was stationary by the side of the road.

"The car was also occupied by three children who remained inside throughout.

The car was driven off and abandoned shortly after.

"Upon police arrival, the children present in the vehicle were returned safely to their parents.

There were no injuries." No arrests have been made in connection with the attempted car theft and enquiries are ongoing.

Video filmed 27th July 2021.