Iran records over 500 daily COVID-19 deaths
Iran records over 500 daily COVID-19 deaths

The waiting room at a hospital in Mashhad, Iran, on Aug 8, 2021.

The delta variant is causing surge of Coid-19 cases in Iran with daily cases surge to an all-time record of 39,600 as on Sunday Aug 8, 2021.

Hospitals facing a ‘crisis’ with 6,462 new serious infections.

The new all-time highs push Iran’s total number of infections over 4.1 million and death toll over 94,000 — the highest in the Middle East.

COVID-19 infections have been surging in Iran since late June, in what officials have warned is a “fifth wave” caused by the highly infectious Delta variant.

Choked by US sanctions that have made it difficult to transfer money abroad, Iran says it is struggling to import vaccines for its 83 million population.

Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi said Saturday that a “plan to transform the way to confront the coronavirus” was to be reviewed next week.

He did not give any details.