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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Shaun T's latest workout trend - DANCING! So, Let's Get Up!

Credit: ABC15 Arizona
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Shaun T's latest workout trend - DANCING! So, Let's Get Up!
Shaun T's latest workout trend - DANCING! So, Let's Get Up!

((SL Advertiser)) Shaun T has the latest workout trend - DANCING!

So, Let's Get Up!

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Work out the latest cranessweat on in dancing and iffor a great way to shake ito the creator of programshe is the Beachbody superof a brand new program calI cannot believe that we awant to be getting down wiand we are going to do thathe living room and theirI'm so happy to be here.



So why is dancingnow when it comes to worklike tic tac came out andduring a pandemic and thenwhat why not dance to haveput so much stress and prehave a good time and the bgood time.

Is that a weddia cookout?

So I said let'sMixing some toning and a land I'm telling you, you wtime.

So you know a thingup and getting down with ySo what is?

Let's get this with you.

Yes, I'lis a workout that's basedBut it is and it's an alland it's very much if youway, it's cross training fout with a dance warm up athat squat position.

A pladoing dance and then you dwh ere you learn a routinea little bit of the insanithe end and you just get twho really love strength tstrength training workoutslike two dumbbells for thethe equipment is like miniyour body just to show upthose endorphins going andpositivity during your worI'm known for positivity aso interesting because evento say no matter what it ino matter what level, I'mas I can.


And I sharHow long will this work ousaid there's not a lot ofneed just our bodies.

RighI'm a I'm a dad of twins.only through the te imtheylike everyone struggles withe first thing people saylike I don't have enough tagain, all you need to dobody.

And if you can get athere's nothing about feelyou move with your boys Shhave dumbbells around thefrom like trying to stackequipment.

So light dumbbe8 to £12 and you are set aAnd you say you don't evenSo let's close it out withright?

All right.

So if yoI'm gonna do a very simplekn ows how to step side tosomething called the rainbpush.

But when you look atSo you're working your legand let's get up is basedI changes to dance so yougreat time.


Oh shmuch more information at t