Mazda talks Multi-Solution Approach - Strategy
Mazda talks Multi-Solution Approach - Strategy

Mazda is committed to drastically reducing carbon emissions – by 2050, Mazda aims to be carbon neutral across all fields of operation.

Electrifying vehicle powertrains will be one important factor in achieving this goal.

But as Mazda believes the internal combustion engine (ICE) will still be powering the vast majority of cars in the coming years, full electrification can only be one aspect of a sustainable electrification strategy.

Another important pillar will be improving the efficiency and performance of ICEs – through better combustion efficiency, environmentally friendly fuels like e-fuels, as well as electrification.

Mazda is therefore committed to having all new models fully or partially electrified by 2030, delivering a vast range of different solutions for all individual mobility demands and regional conditions.