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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wednesday Evening Weather

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Wednesday Evening Weather
Wednesday Evening Weather

16 WAPT's Chief Meteorologist David Hartman has the latest forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

As I like to say, no weather is goodweather.

That means lots of sunshine.Oh boy.

It is going to be a fantasticstretch of whether we got a clean sweepon radar late afternoon temperatureswhere I'm looking everything below 80degrees.

How about that uh cold frontwent through earlier this morning.

Dryair moving in, sweeping the clouds offto our east.

The breeze will die off alittle bit this afternoon, this eveningafter a pretty breezy afternoon, upperlevel low still over the midwesternStates, high pressure builds in andhigh pressure will be the story righton through the weekend and into nextweek.

This is in october like weatherpattern 83 in Shreveport, you do havesome eighties down along theMississippi gulf coast tomorrow.

Irepeat it today.

Maybe not quite aswindy and low temperatures tonight dropbetween 50 and 55.

Tomorrow there maybe a little bit closer to 50 degreesand tomorrow upper seventies a spot ortwo may hit 80 degrees but with sunshine a light breeze another fantasticday.

Give the A.

C a break as the coldfront has moved through.

And as I said,the weather story is high pressure overthe region bringing below averagetemperatures Highs in the 70s to rightaround 80° and that's the trend belowaverage.

And then as we head towardsnext week, getting closer to average,it's still typically a warm time of theyear.

Middle and upper eighties.

Notunusual and it is unusual to seetemperatures this low for theastronomical start to fall, the tropicsremained very active.

There'sdepression disturbances out here, butright now there is no threat to theUnited States high pressure and thisnorthwest flow is really protection andat least the way everything looks rightnow, it's gonna stay out in theatlantic.

Anything that tries toapproach should get deflected to theeast of the continental United States.Stay tuned on that, But I think thatwill hold into october less windFeeling fine out there 53 tomorrow, weget to right around 78° and as far asthe seven day forecast, that is atemperature forecast temperaturescloser to the seasonal average for nextweek.Yeah.

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