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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sabrina Carpenter Watches Fan Covers on YouTube & TikTok

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Sabrina Carpenter Watches Fan Covers on YouTube & TikTok
Sabrina Carpenter Watches Fan Covers on YouTube & TikTok

Sabrina Carpenter watches fan covers of her songs "Honeymoon Fades," "On My Way," "Let Me Love You," "Take You Back," and "Mona Lisa" on YouTube and TikTok in this episode of You Sang My Song.

She's quickly impressed with a fan's butter-smooth vibrato and another's instrumental cover on a flute.

Sabrina is also very surprised when she sees one of her friends perform a choreographed dance routine to one of her hits.

- She's just like in hervibe, in her element.- That gave me so many butterflies.I'm like, I don't know if you can seebut I'm so red right now.- Oh my God!

That was crazy.- Ahh, I can't stop smiling.- Yeah![both laughing][speaking Spanish]- Hi Glamour, It's Sabrina Carpenter,and this is You Sang My Song, part two.- ♪ Didn't have to choosemy love was accepted, yeah ♪- ♪ Now I'm learning you like one-on-one ♪♪ You were sent to me like a one of one ♪♪ Now we're going hard just one-on-one ♪♪ Nobody else ♪♪ I hope we never change ♪♪ I hope we stay the same ♪- The vibrato!- ♪ I hope we can love through the pain ♪♪ After the honeymoon fades ♪- Ugh!

I love that song,it's one of my favorites.I put this one on Valentine'sDay and she's just likein her vibe, in her element.Her vibrato is also beautiful.Her voice sounds like butter.It's very silky.That was gorgeous.The vibrato!Hi, Grace.I just watched yourcover of Honeymoon Fades.It's one of my favorite songsand you done one of the bestcovers I've ever seen of it.Your voice is so beautifuland the vibrato is amazing.Thank you so much for covering the song,and I hope I get to meet you one day.- Oh my god!I was not expecting her to watch it.What?That gave me so many butterflies.I definitely get in my own head a lot.And sometimes I think I do too muchor that I'm not doing enough vibrato.The fact that she said thatfor me makes me wanna cry.I'm like smiling so much.I can't stop smiling.That is so sweet.Hearing that message honestlygave me a huge boost of confidencebecause it's one thing to getcompliments from your parentsor from your family and friends,because you feel likeit's almost obligated.But to hear that from such a big artist,somebody so talented andaround so many other talentedpeople, I kind of feel validated like,like seen and acknowledged.And I feel less insecure aboutmyself knowing that somebodyelse sees something great in me too.Sabrina, thank you somuch for your kind wordsand your sweet message.I really hope that you continueto make music and that youdon't stop because you're amazing,you're talented, you're beautiful,and that's the whole package.- ♪ Nobody but me can keep me safe ♪♪ And I'm on ♪- ♪ My way.

♪♪ I'm on my way ♪- I was like, "What song isthis?" She changed it that much.- ♪ Lo siento mucho ♪♪ Pero me voy ♪♪ Porque a tu lado medi cuenta que nada soy ♪- I tried to learn this verse for so long.- ♪ Y me cansé de luchary de guerrear en vano ♪♪ De estar en la línea defuego y de meter la mano ♪♪ Acepto mis errores ♪♪ También soy humano ♪- Oh my goodness.

That was crazy.I literally didn't knowwhat song it was at first.That was On My Way.Featuring Farruko with AlanWalker, a collab I did.And she sang the Spanish verse thatI was like trying tolearn for a long time.I'm got like "lo sientomucho" and that was it.So I'm going to watch her cover again,over and over until I learn that verse.Cause she slowed it down a little bit,which was really dope.That was amazing.Her voice is insane.When I was younger, I,my favorite thing to dowhen I did covers was to try tochange them up and make them my ownas much as I possibly could.And especially if you can dolike a full new arrangement,that's just like such anincredible accomplishment.So I just love the way that she kind offully made it her own.Her setup looked amazingand better than mine.So yeah, she's incredible.Hi Romy, it's Sabrina Carpenter.I just finished watchingyour On My Way cover,which was so impressivefor so many reasons.Your Spanish verse was incredible.I was going to say "increible"but I think that's Argentinean.I'm working on it, I'm trying to learn,but I was just so blown away.You're so talented.I hope I get to meet you someday.[emotional Andean flute music]No lyrics, but I'mactually more impressed.I think it's, yeah, it's somesort of a flute instrument,but it looks more intricate.[vocalizing]Wow.

That was so incredible.I've never heard a versionof that song on that instrument.So blown away, that's insane.And just like, the professionalism.I love it.

And I'm so happy.I think that that's song,especially just felt likesuch a really global song.I've seen a lot of likedance videos to the song.I've just seen like a lot oflike edits and I just thinkit's so special that peoplehave made it their own.I have attempted someinstruments that require heavydiaphragm strength andI need to work harder.This is really the answer.That's crazy!Hi Atipak, it's Sabrina Carpenter.Thank you so much for doingsuch an amazing and brilliant,unique cover of my song.I'm so grateful and it wasso incredible and you'reso talented and I hope Iget to see you one day.Bye!- [speaking Spanish]- ♪ Had to let go ofeverything that I've known ♪♪ Before ♪- [Sabrina] That's mygirl, that's Indiana.Oh!I've seen this video, actually.Iconic.Location change.Also her hair?Unreal.It's all real, but like it'sunreal because it's real.That's one of my friendsfrom the movie Work ItI did with Netflix, which that song,we ended up doing likea bunch of content too.So she made that dance,choreographed it, and posted that.And I was like blown away.So, love a throwback.I got to watch it again,but she's so talented.When, each character inthe movie kind of haslike, their own style of dance.So like she taught us a lotof her style of dancing.And so there was definitelyquite a few moves that sheturned me on to that werevery hard for me to do,but I was supposed to bethe bad dancer in the movie.So it all worked out for me.I really nailed it.Hi Anushya and hi Indiana.I know you very well.I'm blown away.Both of you guys are amazing,and I miss you so muchIndiana and Anushya,that was so incredible.I love that you guys were ableto do that to the song andlocation you're in, phenomenal,music video, cinematography, 10 out of 10.- That's our videographer, Phil.- I can't stop smiling.- Did not expect that.Did not expect it.- No, I haven't seen itin two years, but yeah,it was just awesome to see.Yeah, I can't, I have no words.First of all I want tosay I miss you so muchand thank you so much forthat lovely message, thatvideo you shared with us.I still cannot stop smilingand grinning about it.And I really hope, you know,we get to create more inour style to your songs.That'd be pretty awesome.And keep rocking girl.- Yeah.

I mean, you know,we're really thrilled and so excitedfor you to be able to watch our work.I think that's a huge partof it because you know,south Asian styles of dancereally are not showcased on abigger platform and for youto be able to see this type ofwork and to share itand to acknowledge it.Yeah.

We're really appreciative.- ♪ I wanna put you back, na-na ♪- ♪ Closest I've evercome to buyer's remorse ♪♪ If you don't make me happy,then what good are you for ♪- Wow.- ♪ But I just figured outnow what hindsight means ♪♪ Up until now never had any reason to ♪♪ Wish that I didn't, but now I do ♪- Oh, I love her voice!- ♪ The hell do I do withall these receipts?

♪♪ Every moment that I ever spent on you ♪♪ Should've just boughta new pair of shoes ♪- That's such a funny lyric.That's so calming!Wow, I've never heard apiano cover of Take You Back.That song's really funny becauseit's literally about kindof being over someoneso much that you want totake them back to the storewhere you bought them and put them backon the shelf and returnthem for a full refund.It's just, it's a very silly song.And so I love hearing itsang in such like a beautifullight and it's almost emotional.Her tone is so, so beautiful.I loved that so much.- Oh my God.- Ah, I love her voice.Hi Mikayla, how are you?I'm obsessed with yourcover of Take You Back.It's one of maybe the onlycovers I've heard of that songand I love what you did with it.Your piano playing, your tone.You really like calmed me downand you have such a beautiful voice.Yeah.

I'm such a fan and Ihope I get to meet you soon.- I'm the biggest fan.

Oh my God.That was crazy.Cause I was over the moon whenshe just commented on my TikTok.So to hear her say my name and watch it.Oh my God.It's insane.I would love to do something with herand I'm definitely going totry to cover some more songs.Thank you, Sabrina so much for your music.I listen to it when I'msad or when I'm happy.And I just love how muchemotion you put into your songsand just keep doing youbecause you're so amazing.- ♪ Come and say, "Hi, I'vebeen dying to meet ya" ♪- ♪ Don't leave me hanginglike the Mona Lisa ♪♪ I know your type, what'sWith the timid behavior ♪♪ You let this ooh lala la intimidate ya ♪♪ Don't you make me, don'tyou make me leave on my own ♪♪ I'm already ready, come on ♪♪ Ain't gotta hesitate ♪- Yes, the harmonies!- ♪ Ain't gotta make me wait ♪♪ Oh, baby, won't you stay, yeah ♪- This is one of my favorite songs.- ♪ Both of my eyes,they've been fixing on you ♪- She's, aww, the backgrounds!♪ Don't leave me hanginglike the Mona Lisa ♪- Don't leave me hanging likethe Mona Lisa, you get it?Cause the Mona Lisa, it's like a picture.And it's like, so that'sone of my favorite songsfrom Singular Act 1.I actually never seen thatcover before, which is crazycause I love that song.I'm so impressed when peoplemake their own background arrangements.Backgrounds are probablymy favorite part aboutbeing an artist and anybodythat knows me, works with me,knows that I work on backgroundsfor hours and hours andhours and just keep stacking untilthere's no more tracks left.So that's really, really cool.She has such an amazing tone.Beautiful voice.Hi Kim, how's it going?I'm obsessed with your cover of Mona Lisa.Thank you so much for covering it.It's one of my favoritesongs from Singular Act 1and I was blown away by your abilityto make your own backgrounds and harmoniesand all the stacks youdid it was so incredible.And your tone is also amazing,I want to let you know that,but thank you so muchfor covering this song.I love you.- ♪ Ain't gotta hesitate ♪- Yes.

Sing in the bathroom.The acoustics are so much better.- ♪ Oh, baby, won't you stay, yeah, yeah ♪♪ Both of my eyes, they'vebeen fixing on you ♪♪ Wasting your time, shouldbe making that move ♪- I love the diaper dispenser behind her.It's a nice touch, I've been there.- She's so cute!- ♪ What's on my mind,I've been thinking maybe ♪♪ I could be yours bythe time that we leave ♪♪ Come and say, "Hi, I'vebeen dying to meet ya" ♪- Her falsetto is so gorgeous.Yeah, that was so cool.I often do covers in bathrooms,especially when there'slike big public showers.They always, for some reason,have the best acousticson the planet.So she, she already knows,she's already on the inside.Her voice is so beautiful.I really, really love her falsetto.I think it's really airy andbeautiful, but yeah, Mona Lisa,she knows the way to myheart covering that song.Hi, Nnenne, it's Sabrina.I loved your cover of Mona Lisa.Anytime you want to singin a public restroom,I will come sing with you.That's my favorite place to sing.That was such a beautiful cover.Thank you so much, Glamour.And thank you to all thebrilliant cover artiststhat I just watched in this video.I hope you enjoyed watching.

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