Dog groomer shares rare dog mix
Dog groomer shares rare dog mix

A pet groomer shared a rare dog mix and TikTok is completely losing it.

Vanessa De Prophetis's mission is to beautify cats and dogs.She shares content about her animal clients with her 5.1 million followers.

When De Prophetis revealed she provided services for an unexpected dog mix, people were stunned."I assure you that you have never seen a dog like this before," the groomer said.

"At first glance, his body resembles a German shepherd but where does that curly tail come from?" .De Prophetis washed the black and brown dog, showing only its large body."Place your bets on this unique mix, but you will never guess it," she said.

"This is Goblin and he is a pug and German shepherd mix".Goblin apparently has a German shepherd mother and a pug father.

You might say the canine has his mom's body and his dad's face.The video racked up 26.2 million views on TikTok.

People found the mix to be nothing short of hilarious."It is like someone hit a German shepherd in the face with a frying pan," a user joked.

"I refuse to believe this isn't just two pugs in a trench coat," another said