All-new Dacia Spring Driving Video
All-new Dacia Spring Driving Video

With the City-Car Spring, Dacia presents its first battery-electric model.

The new development shows how the strengths of the brand can be implemented in a modern electric vehicle.

The Spring combines a purely electric drive with a stylish SUV design, reliable technology and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

With a base price of 20,490 euros, the Dacia model is the most affordable electric car in Germany.

The battery capacity of 27.4 kWh, the electric motor with 33 kW / 44 PS power, as well as DC and AC charging up to 30 kW enable everyday ranges in city traffic.

Dacia will be offering the Spring from autumn 2021.

The lithium-ion battery of the Dacia Spring allows a range in the practical WLTP test cycle of up to 230 kilometers.

A WLTP range of 305 kilometers is possible in city traffic.

Based on the average daily mileage of small car users in Europe, which is 30 kilometers, these values ​​allow use in an urban environment for more than a week without stopping charging.

The range can be further increased by using the energy-saving ECO mode.

The flexible charging system allows the battery of the city car to be supplied with energy via Schuko charging at a standard household socket, via a wallbox and, optionally, via a DC charging station.