8 Mouthwatering Facts About Bacon (National Bacon Day)
8 Mouthwatering Facts About Bacon (National Bacon Day)

8 , Mouthwatering Facts , About Bacon.

Whether you fry it up in the morning or prefer it as a candle scent, bacon is universally loved for its delicious taste and smell.


In honor of National Bacon Day on Dec.

30, here are eight mouthwatering facts about bacon.


, Bacon is one of the world’s oldest processed meats, dating back to 1500 BCE.


, In ancient Rome, bacon was called “petaso” and was traditionally eaten with figs, pepper sauce and wine.



, John Harris opened the first bacon factory in 1770 in Wiltshire, England.



, The phrase “bringing home the bacon” originated in 12th century England, when churches rewarded husbands with bacon for having an argument-free marriage.



, During Word War II, rendered bacon fat was used to create glycerin, which in turn was used to create bombs and gunpowder.


, The 1992 Hardee’s Frisco Burger revitalized the popularity of bacon and set the stage for future bacon-ized burgers.


, The average American consumes upwards of 18 pounds of bacon annually.



, Camp Bacon is a five-day camp held every year in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It features speakers, cooking classes and other bacon-related activities.