From Victim Culture to the Red Wave
From Victim Culture to the Red Wave

The grievance culture and victim cult is out of control.

Also, CPAC is coming to Orlando.

In an explosive and controversial new book, The Victim Cult: How the Grievance Culture Hurts Everyone and Wrecks Civilizations, public policy analyst and think tank president Mark Milke, Ph.D.

Explains how society’s current obsession with victimhood has grown toxic to everyone and detrimental to the potential progress of those who cling to it.

Also, Ashley Varner from the Freedom Foundation is here with more news on how the teacher’s unions have a grip on the government.

Matt and Mercedes Schlapp are here to discuss exciting news for CPAC 2022 and Biden’s failed policies.

David Pollack, author of Not Just Pollack-Tics with David Pollack is here to discuss his latest article Welcome to 2022!

Red Wave Coming and What will Trump do?