#21 Simps Donating Organs, Painful Nuptials, and Ethan Klein
#21 Simps Donating Organs, Painful Nuptials, and Ethan Klein

Evan starts the show discussing a story about a man who's girlfriend broke up with him shortly after he donated his kidney to her mother.

This leads to a rant about what the lack of self-respect men seem to have these days.

Evan then discusses the engagement ring of Megan Fox from Machine Gun Kelly and how it is designed to inflict pain on her when she takes it off.

From there, Evan shares a deleted tweet by sports reporter Darren Rovell and an audio clip explaining why he's not a racist.

This leads to Evan explaining why you should never validate accusations of racism.

Finally, Evan discusses YouTuber Ethan Klein of the H3H3 podcast and his decision to pull down his episodes featuring Jordan Peterson.

Evan harshly criticizes Klein for his decision and speculates why he made this decision before explaining what he thinks drives the irrational hatred of Peterson.