WW3 will begin and Jesus will leave everyone left behind who refused to get ready!!
WW3 will begin and Jesus will leave everyone left behind who refused to get ready!!

Time is up and like in Noah day people were eating and drinking and marrying but once Noah and his family got in the ark the door was shut and the wicked yelled Noah Noah help us but it was to late!!

Sane with now, people are drinking, eating, marrying and the rapture happens and thousands of people are just gone and those left behind will wish they got ready but refused to and got left behind and will pound on heaven door and say Jesus we went to church all the time, we were missionaries we preached in the streets and gave money to church and Jesus will say I never knew you depart from me you workers of inquinity!!

Jesus will leave behind all the phony lukewarm fake christians who acted like they knew Jesus but never did and go to church all the time and then gossip right after church and act like they are so perfect and will enter heaven because they are a church member!!

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father expect thru Me!!

Time is up to get ready and the tribulation period will begin the antichrist is ready to go and got all his blind antichrist masked vaccines followers to and they are enemies of God now and will suffer God judgement in the tribulation period!!

First the trumpet judgements then the bowl judgements and those with the vaccines will get painful boils on themselves, demons will torment them and the sun will sorch them because they curse God in the tribulation period and worship the antichrist and got his image, and there is no more hope for anyone who got the vaccine mark of the beast!!, They are cut off from God forever and are His enemies and He will destroy them all and the antichrist to, The tribulation period is time for the antichrist to rule and God to pour out His tribulation judgements on the entire world and to get the Jews to repent for rejecting Jesus as Messiah, to get lukewarm phony fake Christians to decide between the antichrist or Jesus and to destroy all the wicked and antichrist beast followers and they will all be thrown into the lake of fire, time is up!!

Jesus is coming now if you like it or not