Clint Watts reacts to Russia radio transmissions
Clint Watts reacts to Russia radio transmissions

Clint Watts - former consultant of the FBI's Counterterrorism Division, now with the Foreign Policy Research Institute: "I'm not as surprised now as I would have been a month ago.

I think that was very clear, like over the last month is they don't have secure communications.

Part of the reason theyhaven't taken out telecommunications.

Some of the infrastructure I think is because they need it to do their own battle.

Essentially, they're not as sophisticated as we thought.

Separately, their communications are so revealing and undermine their own disinformation.

So separately, you'll hear them talk about alleged Nazis, random Nazis that are running around Ukraine doing all these horrible things right there.

You hear them talking about targeting residential of areas, what they intend to do to civilian structures, what their battle plan is.

And you know, the Ukrainian military is listening to these two.

So I'm sure when we see the Ukrainian successes, it's doing large part just how inept and competent and the inability to communicate."