RML Short Wheelbase Track driving at Utac
RML Short Wheelbase Track driving at Utac

While its design conjures up an image from the golden age of motoring, the new RML Short Wheelbase’s classic, flowing lines shroud underpinnings that have benefitted from the very latest 21st century development, integrated into a performance GT that will offer all the convenience, comfort and dependability expected by modern drivers.

But for that claim to be watertight, it first needs to be proven.

The stunning blue machine you see in these images is ‘Car Zero’, the very first Short Wheelbase to turn a wheel, and RML’s test-bed to prove simulation work carried out over the last three years since the model’s conception.

Last month, RML’s engineering team relocated to UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, UK, to embark on a test programme which is normally the preserve of OEMs signing off high-value products, and rarely associated with cars in this sector.

But for RML, it was always an essential part of the project.