are you kidding me?
are you kidding me?

“’’Climate'' is the result of the constant repeating of certain lies that will eventually be accepted as the norm, and that can then be used to build further constructs to lead people further from the truth.

These lies are then stacked on top of the next and repeated ad-nauseum until people have been conditioned to simply accept them.

Government policies and taxes are based on proven lies.

The media uses every opportunity to lay the blame for any natural event on ''climate change''.

Those who remember the lies see through the nonsense, but it gets increasingly frustrating watching what seems to be the whole world being dumbed-down.

The moment one questions the basic lies used to underpin the new ''climate'' religion, the whole construct comes crashing down - truly biblical stuff.

FACTS Carbon is required for life to exist.

Food cannot grow if carbon concentrations fall too low.

There is zero evidence that higher levels of carbon are a problem - it does not cause warming - carbon levels rise as a consequence of natural warming cycles or events such as volcanic eruptions.

Only a fool calls Carbon a pollutant, yet, the big goal of ''climate-activists'' is to demonize carbon.

This lie keeps on being repeated until millions of people have simply absorbed this without conscious thought.

A form of mass-hypnosis is used to promote what has become a religious movement that believes this nonsense.

This has spawned an industry based on fantasies.

Of course, the followers of any cult are useful to the leaders in many ways - including schemes that make the few leaders very wealthy and influential.

None of it makes any sense to a normal person, because their story lacks even a single gram of truth.

People with serious mental issues have now become the new high priests of the religious cult referred to as ''Climate activists''.

These people are retarded and highly defensive - and should be locked up for their own and others safety." -- Excellent Subscriber's comment!