Kansas Race Reversed On "Vote Flip", FBI Seized Docs From Trump in June, Feds Able To Buy Nuclear
Kansas Race Reversed On "Vote Flip", FBI Seized Docs From Trump in June, Feds Able To Buy Nuclear

A race in Cherokee county was reversed after it was discovered that votes had been flipped in the race.

A post election audit discovered the anomaly and during the audit, they discovered that the thumb drives used in the election flipped the votes cast for District 1 County Commissioner Myra Frazier and instead gave them to her opponent, Lance Nichols, who was initially declared the winner.

The company who administers the thumb drives acknowledged the error after being informed and claimed it did not occur in any other races.

FBI had seized documents from Mar A Lago in June as well as more recently.

Why wasn't this information known earlier?

Armed suspect attempts to breach Cincinnati FBI office, suspect fled and exchanged gunfire with police.

No further information is known at the moment if the suspect was captured or not.

Feds are claiming they were able to purchase Nuclear material using forged license and a fake firm.

Two U.S. Attorney's defied Trump after he declassified certain information.

Why did these two U.S. Attorney's not declassify the information and why didn't they face any type of punishment or reprimand for doing it?

Downtown Toronto hit with large power outage.

Norad tracks Russian aircraft that strayed over the U.S. Border in Alaska.

Joe Biden takes summer vacation with Hunter and his wife after being sick with Covid 19.

Scott Perry says he is not the focus of a probe after his phone was seized by FBI agents.

Elite Nashville girls school welcomes any student who identifies as female.

Several South Carolina Lawmakers Call on state’s Attorney General to release cast vote records from 2020 election.

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