RT News - August 11 2022 (20:00 MSK)
RT News - August 11 2022 (20:00 MSK)

The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant again comes under the shelling of Ukrainian forces that's according to DPR officials.

The fresh assault comes just hours before the UN Security Council convenes to discuss the attacks.

Long-awaited grain shipments from Ukraine bypass hardest-hit African nations, where people are dying from hunger heading instead to European ports.

Estonia plans to close its borders to Russian citizens holding Schengen visas issued by Tallinn, while the European Commission also mulls the idea, continent-wide.

While the US approves a new, mammoth aid package for Kiev.

People from another country pumped full of US cash, Afghanistan, claim they're not getting the same level of treatment as that being handed out to others.