Need to Know News (15 August 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman
Need to Know News (15 August 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman

The warrant for the raid on Mar-a-Lago does not satisfy specificity requirements and (in my opinion) will be found to be illegal and invalid on that basis, which means that, should any evidence that could have been used against "the cleanest President in the history of the United States" would not be admissible in a court of law.

The more we learn, the worse it gets.

Glenn Beck has listed investigations, allegations, impeachments (two), and the J6 inquiry as attempts to smear him, but they are backfiring.

This event has galvanized the American people--conservatives and patriots--to his side, where there is going to be an even more massive turnout in November than had this outrageous act never occurred.

Going through Melania's closet?

And her drawers?

This is beyond the pale.

The FBI had been there in June to review the bidding and he (Trump) had been most cordial and cooperative.

Now it turns out they even took his passport?

MTG has introduced articles of impeachment against AG Merrick Garland, which ought to be extended to FBI Director Christopher Wary, for politicizing the DOJ against opponents and critics of the Biden regime.

Meanwhile, doctors are warning against taking the vax, where there was no increase in deaths during the pandemic but stunning rise once the vax was introduced--with has not abated but only grown worse with more deaths and more disabilities as a consequence of these "safe and effective" non-vaccines.

Mike Adams warns that governments appear to be preparing for an ELE (extinction level event), which could be nuclear or biological, stocking up on items required to survive underground in huge cities and bases constructed at the expense of trillions of taxpayer dollars.

And the CDC has now reversed itself on its COVID protocols, which is puzzling in itself.

Mike King addresses the propaganda put out by one Steven Lee Myers, bemoaning the success of RT and Russia at getting the word out via Spanish and Arabic outlets.

Soros is increasingly being seen as responsible for the dramatic rise in crime attending the "Defund the Police!" movement, where Joe Manchin's support for this latest spending bill has disillusioned many, who can only hope that he may come to his senses and switch parties to the GOP--and do it NOW!